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SWeeney FAQs

  • Why do we have to go through Airbnb and not directly through Sweeney Pods?
    Airbnb offers a very simplistic way of booking your stay at the pods.
  • When we rent out the pods for my group of 8 to16 guests, do we get to use the entire Sweeney Pods & Events space?
    Yes, we know it's crazy, but you do get the whole place for you and your registered guests. Remember it is a minimum of 8 guests to a MAXIMUM of 16.
  • Can we just rent out the pub, the lounge upstairs plus the patio for small group functions?
    If the pods are not already booked on the date you require, yes, you can. Rate by quote Maximum of 50 guests No access to the pod sleeping area
  • Can I rent out the pods and do an event, as well?
    Yes, you can do both. However, the event will need to be quoted and approved by Sweeney Pods and Events.
  • What happens if there’s a small mishap or some damages that occurred during our stay or event at Sweeney Pods & Events?
    Things do happen. The person who booked will be responsible for the damages that incurred during your stay or event. Damages will be accessed by Sweeney Pods & Events.
  • Why is there no kitchen or cooking facilities?
    Sweeney Pods loves and supports local! Niagara has to offer with so many culinary options to choose from. Part of the Sweeney experience is to have guests go out and enjoy the tastes of Niagara. Go to our Top Hat Approved page to get some ideas. Just don't want to go out? Sweeney Pods & Events offers catering options.
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