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Your HostS

Jason & Tracey

Jason and partner Tracey, love to travel.  On their  getaways they love exploring and tons of new experiences so when we get back in Niagara we love to hang out with family and friends and torture them with us trying to mimic the food wine music.

So when covid hit we had some extra time on our hands and when we saw this contest on airbnb “Unique Spaces” now know as the OMG category contest  Sweeney Pods and Events was born.   So with our work backgrounds, play and travel experiences, we put it all into the pods and now groups from around the globe can use it as there launching pad to discover all of what the  Niagara Region has to offer.

Fast forward to present day, we have transitioned the former Sweeney Todds into Niagara's first pod hotel that offers events and catering on site. We provide out of town guests and locals an affordable, unique and cozy experience with a host of amentities. Why stay at an expensive hotel where your friends and/or family may be separated on different floors? 

We are looking forward to being your hosts!

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