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SWeeney pods

Unique to niagara

We are the first capsule hotel, better known as a pod hotel in Niagara. Pod hotels originated in Japan that features many small bed-sized rooms to provide affordable and convenient stays to guests, as an alternative to expensive traditional hotel.

Sweeney Pods is located in St. Catharines, in close proximity to Niagara's wine country, one of the natural wonders of the world - Niagara Falls, and is a short trip to the U.S. border and an hour to the exciting metropolitan city of Toronto.


 Sweeney Pods was created for groups to travel and stay together under one roof. When you are thinking about going on a road trip to Niagara Sweeney PODS makes a great base camp to stay at  while exploring different experiences of the area. 

Locals will love staying at Sweeney Pods not just for the stay over but to hold their events! The types of events are endless - business, social, meetings, bachelorette and bachelor parties etc.

At Sweeney Pods we offer a lot. Lots of value and lots of fun. We are the hub for the ultimate Niagara experience. We are an experience! Check out our amenities, event and top hat approved experience pages to get the ultimate vibe on who we are.

Comfortable & Private

Whether you stay with friends or family Sweeney Pods offers a cozy, comfortable and private atmosphere. Sweeney Pods has 8 custom designed pods with natural wood finishes, custom sponsored CASPER memory mattresses, micro bamboo soft sheets and bamboo forming fiber pillows. Settle in for a good night's sleep after your event or outing.

Pod Features

WI-FI - Lightning fast unlimited bandwidth stream to your heart’s content

 CHARGING POINTS - USB and regular power points 4/8 in total

TOWELS - Freshly laundered and fluffy also beautiful white robes for a small fee

LIGHTING Soft LED lighting - Good for the environment (And sexy too)

FAN - Individually controlled use it both for white noise and air circulation 

LUGGAGE AREA - Individual storage areas

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