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Choose Sweeney Pods for Your Event

Are your thinking about hosting a small get together for you and your family/friends/business?  Then Sweeneys is the place to be. We have food and drink packages available for your special occasions.  Events are only available when pods are not booked by other guests on desired date.

Sweeney Pods is the first of its kind in Niagara. It is an unique space and anything from the ordinary. Our property can accommodate a private group up to 16 guests. Guests in your group will stay in a unique stacked sleeping pod that can comfortably hold up to 2 of your group in each pod. Your perfect launch pad to start having your ultimate Niagara experiences with your own private group.



At Sweeney Pods we offer a lot. Lots of value and lots of fun.

Book your event today!



Sweeney Pods makes it easy for you. We can cater some delicious food by our in-house chef, Mark Hand who is an Niagara icon for his mastery of cookery.  You will have a few family style menus to choose and pre-order from.  

Ready and convenient for your stay!


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